Monica Hamburg

Your Dark Comedy Choice

A comedian, storyteller, actor, producer, and voice-over artist (presently in Montreal), Monica is the host of the dark comedy podcast, "Craigslost (from Dazed and Convicted)", a fun & evil time. (Also a good way to describe Monica.)

She does stand-up and was recently chosen as one of the "Bestival of the Festival" at Nashville's 2018 Broken Record Show. She hosts and produces "Pornomedy", "Craigslost Live", & the monthly "Spillin' the Beans Comedy" at Full of Beans Roastery (including the 2017 and 2018 outdoor Dundas West Fest shows). She frequently does "Tinder Tales" (most notably at Just for Laughs Northwest 2018) and "The Stories We Don't Tell".

Monica's podcast (in its various incarnations) has been mentioned in Huffington Post and Splitsider, made "New & Noteworthy" and other lists on iTunes, and won an award for the "Most Vulgar Canadian Podcast"! (Dainty flower that she is.)

Listen to the podcast and come to her "Craigslost" live show! Or check out another of her performances. (Dates to the right)

Photo Credit: Krissia Valiente